Creative Ways To Wear A White Dress For Summer Season

It is the perfect time to walk outside the house during the summer season. There are many kinds of outdoor activities to do such as swimming, walking on the beach, shopping or even eating burger with family and friends. If you want to stay fresh in this season, a white dress is the perfect outfit to wear. The temperature rises significantly. A comfortable white dress will save you from the extensive heat. It should be made of the breathable fabric which keeps the body cool. Some women think that a white dress is too plain to wear in this bright season. It is not true if you can make it work.

Edgy Summer Look

The summer styled outfit does not have to look feminine all of the time. The appearance will be edgy and modern if you put on a plain white dress and a black leather jacket. The footwear should be simple and comfortable. The black gladiator sandals are nice to wear. If you like to do some outdoor activities like window shopping at the malls or market, complement the look with mirrored sunglasses. You will look cool and stylish. If you are afraid of developing boring look, consider wearing bold accessories. For example, complement it with a turquoise choker necklace or hot pink bracelets.

Sporty Summer Look

Couple the chic white dress with trendy sneakers. This effortless style makes you look casual and chic. Sport it for a weekend party with friends. When the evening comes and you feel cold, wear a ripped denim jacket decorated with silver studs. If you have a lot of personal items to take to the party, bring a practical cross body bag.

Polished Summer Look

Create a fashionable contrast on the white dress with a tailored black blazer. It looks attractive for a semi-formal evening occasion. Wear it when you want to have a date with your boyfriend. Match the look with cat eye sunglasses and soft pink floral printed strap wedges. For the finishing touch, grab a casual pink leather clutch.

Monochromatic Summer Look

If you are not interested to play with different kinds of colors, stay monochromatic with a little white dress. The accessories like handbag, sandals, sunglasses and bracelet should be in grey, white or black. Banish the monotonous quality with a unique pattern. For instance, sport a white bandana on the flowing hair and carry a black and white striped purse.

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How to Love Your Leather

Leather is one of those fashion items that becomes part of you. If you invest in a special piece – maybe a beautiful bag or a really sleek wallet – it really can last a lifetime. But if you totally neglect your much-loved wallet it may not last the distance.

The flipside is – you have to be practical. I mean who has time for buffing and polishing and preserving every item of leather you own. Let’s not get ridiculous! So we’ve done the research for you to come up with some hot tips on practical ways you can love your leather.

1. Know your leather. Is it finished or unfinished? Finished leather generally is flat in colour and is harder, colder and stiffer to touch than unfinished leather which is soft and warm to touch and more likely to be a rich colour.

2. Decide what kind of leather lover you want to be. One of the great things about leather is that it develops a life-story of it’s own over time. If you’re happy with a bit of change, some well-developed wrinkle lines and creases. Then you don’t really need to stress! But if you want to preserve your leather so it looks like new forever then you will need to work a bit harder.

3. Dry leather SLOWLY! If your bag or wallet cops some rain exposure or is splashes with a wayward beverage, don’t take to it with a hairdryer! Leather can warp or shrink if exposed to too much heat too quickly. Instead, give it a quick wipe. Room temperature and gentle air flow is always best for drying!

4. For cleaning, change tactics for the type of leather you’re treating. Finished leather can simply be wiped with a soft, damp cloth which unfinished leather (like suede) should be brushed with a soft brush.

5. If your leather product gets too dry and begins to crack – you might need to condition it. Finding a suitable leather condition can be tricky! There are a range of different products you can test but we love the leather care beewax dubbin by Gundara.

6. Finally be KIND to your leather. If you treat your leather right it will be by your side for life. So that means, don’t stuff your wallet full to overflowing so the leather stretches out of shape. Because it will NEVER go back to it’s original shape. And don’t pile things on top of it or let it get wet or sweaty. JUST BE NICE!

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