Buying Wedding Jewelry – What to Consider

It is only natural that on her wedding day that the bride wants every things to be perfect, including her jewelry. Wearing the correct type of wedding jewelry can help to accentuate the bride’s appearance. The wedding jewelry can be elegant, loud, or simple. It is the bride’s personal choice. Before buying your wedding jewelry, there are certain things that you need to think know so you will be a beautiful bride.

Your budget

This is the more important point that you should consider before you go shopping. Knowing your budget will help you narrow your search down and save you time shopping. Wedding jewelry can be expensive so it is best that you have a fixed certain amount to help make the selection easier.

Wedding Gown

When doing your budget it should include not only your jewelry but also your wedding gown and accessories. You should also know what your wedding gown would look like in order to make sure that the jewelry will complement your wedding gown. Most brides like to wear a necklace on their wedding day so to get the right one you need to know what the neckline of your wedding dress will be. For example, if your wedding dress is elaborate or heavy, you might want to consider going with simple jewelry.

Color and fabric

Most wedding gowns are white or off white. When the bride wears pearl or platinum jewelry, it will add a look of sophistication. The jewelry and gown’s fabric should blend well.

Family heirloom jewelry

Many times a bride will not need to buy wedding jewelry because there is heirloom jewelry that previous brides in the family have worn.

Makeup and hairstyle

Once you decided on the wedding gown, you need to consider your makeup and hairstyle. For example, if you have a stylish hairstyle and a dress that is a modern style choose big chandelier earrings. These can add just the sparkle your gown needs.

Your wedding band and stones

The wedding band is an emblem of promise and love between the bride and groom. Choose a design that looks classy and reflects both of your personalities, as they are more eye-catching when they are elegant, yet simple. Every gemstone has a look that is unique, from pearls to diamonds. When adding stones to the band, the engagement ring, or both, decide before hand the look you are trying to craft. There are semi-precious stones that come in different colors for those that have a lesser budget.

Long-term buying

When buying wedding jewelry keep in mind the future and buy jewelry that you can wear later. Do not buy expensive pieces that you are afraid to wear because something could happen to the jewelry.

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Fur Fall Fashion Inspiration From High Fashion

Dressing like a fashion model from global fashion titans like Fendi, Diane von Furstenberg, and Alexander Wang may seem out of grasp, but don’t feel like couture is out of reach. You can use haute couture as an inspiration for everyday fashion. Plus with a little creativity, you can incorporate your favorite fabrics into these looks as well.

Fur is making a huge comeback on the runways. This isn’t your grandmother’s long and boring fur coat. High fashion furs are being used in colorful patterns and cute accessories.


One of the biggest fashion houses renewing fur is Fendi. The Italian fashion giant recently held its second haute “fourrure” show in Rome, and the powerhouse behind Fendi’s fur revival is Karl Lagerfeld. This fashion designer has long worked with Fendi, and the house’s second fourrure show is also a way to honor Lagerfeld’s 90th birthday.

“A Haute Fashion show in Rome is the best way to celebrate Fendi’s 90 years of craftsmanship,” said Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari in the announcement.

Given that it is a major Italian label, some Fendi items can cost over $10,000. However, there are much more reasonable options including items from their latest line “Hypnoteyes.”

The fox fur iPhone 6 cover on the left will add a touch of whimsy, and the blue silk and black fur shawl will give you a surprising touch of sophistication.

Diane von Furstenberg

If you have not heard of Diane von Furstenberg, then you have missed out on one of the most influential woman in fashion. Diane has been a long time lover of fur, using it to add a fun touch to classic pieces such as coats, jackets, and blazers. If an entire fur coat seems a little intimidating at first, try one of her fun fur pompom charms to add to your handbag or clutch.

Diane also other fur and leather accessories such as shoes, handbags, scarves, and more.

Diane got her fashion start in the early 1970’s when she created the famed wrap dress. Her new, power design sold over one million dresses and earned her a cover in Newsweek. By the late 90’s, she re-launched her brand as “DVF”. Since then, her global brand has skyrocketed. Her items are sold in over 55 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Alexander Wang

Considered a “young” designer, Alexander has already made a big impact on fashion trends globally. He launched his first collection in 2007 which has now expanded to shoes and handbags. His designs are considered causal yet sophisticated while being praised for his craftsmanship.

Some of his most popular items use leather or fur. Alexander prefers to use rabbit or fox furs in different and interesting ways. While a fan of classic fur colors like brown and black, you will also see him using bolder prints like leopard or cheetah. You can get inspired by his look by wearing classic silhouettes and adding a touch of fur for glamour.

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