4 Popular Prom Dresses for Every Shape

Are you finding it difficult to decide on the perfect outfit for an upcoming special occasion? There are plenty of popular prom dresses that vary in relation to the style, neckline, design and length. To avoid getting overwhelmed when visiting the different stores to shop for a dress, it can benefit to become an informed shopper and learn about the types and styles available. Some of the choices include a one-shoulder, empire, high-low, lace-covered, sheath, A-line and ball gown. Here is an overview of some of the popular dress styles available:

Ballroom Gowns

The ballroom gown is designed with a full skirt that is styled to billow out at waist height until it reaches the ankles. The top half of the outfit is usually a corset type top and the large skirt is styled with embroidery, ruffles, pearls, sequins or lace. The preferred fabrics for this formal dress include velvet, satin, silk and taffeta. Plus, this outfit goes great with dancing shoes and a matching purse or clutch bag.


The A-line dress is a very feminine and chic choice that is narrow in the waist area and widens as it goes down to the hemline. The overall style is similar to an A-shape and it complements the entire length of the body. It is a practical choice for virtually all body types, and makes a great choice for those wishing to disguise a problem area in the region of the legs or hips. Many of these dresses come in lightweight taffeta and satin fabrics that include embroidered details or delicate beadwork.


The Chiffon dress is super feminine, floaty and light and a perfect go-to dress for the special occasions. This type of dress is great for any figure with its long flowing design that extends from the hips to the ankles. Chiffon dresses look classy and elegant and come in plenty of style and color choices such as coral, purple and yellow, as well as printed varieties to give a very impressive and unique finish.


The one-shoulder dress (also called off-shoulder) has the ability to give a very dramatic and sophisticated look that is prefect for any special event. This dress has a single strap on one side with the other entirely sleeveless. This is typically an elegant and long gown, although the length of the skirt can also be short. Additionally, it can look great when combined with a wrap or jacket.

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Formal Dresses to Match the Body Type

Whether you are looking to accentuate your petite figure, curvy silhouette, or hourglass shape, you are certain to find a formal dress that matches the particular shape. Before you buy a new dress for an upcoming event, it helps to know your body shape to make sure you have the right fit to leave you feeling glamorous and confident. Here are several tips to help identify the perfect formal dress:

Show off the curves

The hourglass figure, which has a full bust and hips and defined waist, looks great with the dress style that is able to draw attention and define the waistline. The preferred style of dress can include a pencil skirt, structured waist and wide neckline to fully highlight the curves. One style that is great is the wrap dress that is easy to tighten around the waistline using contrasting fabric or a belt, while the material is left to be naturally fuller in the areas of the hips.

Create curves

The formal dress that helps to create a sense of volume is perfect for those that want to show off curves. It is possible to appear curvy with a dress that has darts or gathers at the waist. This type of dress is useful for its ability to define the lower body. Additionally, a wide boat-neck top is useful for giving wider shoulders and fuller bust line. Other options include the vertical princess seams which help to highlight the curves to give the softer and fuller look.

Compliment the bust line

The preferred dress style for someone with a slim lower half and fuller bust are those that give support and structure to the bodice. The dress should have straps that can easily support and lift the bust line. A great choice that won’t overemphasize is the empire waist dress. A style that can give more balance includes the A-line dress that flows at the hips and accentuates the waist. This dress is appreciated for its ability to give balance and proportion to the entire body.

Lengthen the legs

A simple technique to lengthen the legs is to wear the short and dark-colored formal dress. By creating a contrast between the legs and dress fabric it is possible to make it seem like your legs are longer. This type of dress can vary in length from those that rest just above the knee to the short miniskirt. Other options include a high waist and slim gown that gives a similar illusion of having longer legs.

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Bridal Gown Trends for 2016

Brides this year are in for a treat and if you are in the process of planning your wedding and are about to head out bridal gown shopping, then there are some trends you may want to be aware of.

Every year we see trends change. Some years we see more elegance and sleek designs, other years the designs go overboard, many provide a timeless elegance for everyone to enjoy for years to come, which is why bridal gown shopping is so much fun. For the bride, she gets to try on many gowns, sometimes ones she never dreamed would suit her, only to find the perfect match to her body shape, style, theme and more.

One of the latest bridal gown trends which is being seen on catwalks and on brides making their way down the aisle this year is the plunged neckline. Showing off some skin with beautiful necklines is very in this season and it is becoming more popular with designers who are focusing on bridal gowns that make a statement and offer elegance and sophistication to brides on their special day.

Strangely enough, the other trend you will find when looking for the latest bridal gown trends for 2016 is feathers. Yes you did read that correctly. Ostrich feathers in particular are a firm favorite with designers this year as they use them to create flowing downs with texture and finesse. The feathers are used mostly in the lower bodice of the gown to make a statement and create that extravagant finish. There are a few designs which have incorporated the feathers into the waist of the dress in a tone that blends in with the dress to perfection.

Florals are very hot this season and one of the favored bridal gown trends. The florals are not bright flowers, but rather delicate embroideries that make a statement and provide the perfect finishing touch to the gown. When it comes to florals they don’t have to stand out, they simply add the finishing touch, gently caressing the gown and giving it that design finish that makes the gown your top choice for your special day.

Another bridal gown trend which appears very popular this way is moving away from brilliant white gowns and using a light silver instead. So many brides use creams, light pinks and even blues for their gowns, but silver isn’t a choice that has made headlines up to now. Very light silver in the right fabric can really create a spectacular dress which you can wear with complete confidence. Combine the light silver fabric with an overlay of white embroidery flowers and you have the perfect partnership to create a gown that will make a statement as you walk down the aisle.

Lace remains a top choice for bridal gowns in 2016 and with no surprise. Embroidery, lace and beads have always been top choices with bridal gown designers, including Watters, who uses lace to create elegance, beauty and sophistication to each gown designed. Lace can be worked into most designs. Often it is the perfect choice if you are having an evening wedding, providing lace sleeves for a gown is beautiful and sophisticated and really makes a statement.

Chiffon is the other material of choice this year and it is being seen more and more in gowns which have been designed to look sleek and sophisticated. At the same time strapless designs have definitely taken center stage this year and are making brides look spectacular on their special day.

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4 Vintage Styles of Girls’ Dresses That Have Made a Comeback

In the fashion world, everything comes and goes in cycles. Modern fashion is constantly borrowing from the past, and looks that were once seen as outdated are often recreated to be chic today. There are a number of different styles that are as popular now as they were when they originated. With the New Year rolling out, it’s helpful to know which girls’ dresses from the past are here to stay in 2016, and how to wear them.

Flower Print

Fifteen years ago, flower print may have been considered too old school to be seen on fashionistas. In the past few years, this style of girls’ dresses has firmly established its comeback. With flower child culture alive and well and flower crowns a common accessory, the resurgence of flower print has come in wide varieties. From daisies to roses, it seems that every flower is represented in this look. Slip into your favorite flower print style with loose, natural hair and solid color accessories for a carefree everyday appearance.


At one point, lace was reserved for brides and young children, associated with a matronly or reserved look. After a shift away from white lace, this style began its comeback as an accent, with lace trim or sleeves on otherwise plain dresses. Now it’s not uncommon to find a large selection of high fashion full lace dresses on the runway and in boutiques. A great thing about lace is its variety — there are multiple types ranging from simple to intricate that can greatly change the tone of an outfit. Lace can bring a level of sophisticated for semi-formal occasions, or a casual, retro style perfect for the winter season. To style this look, complete your outfit with a curled updo and a showstopping necklace.

Three-Quarter Sleeve

When it comes to girls’ dresses, sleeves aren’t necessarily the first thing people notice. But the three-quarter sleeve is actually a look that was popular in the early 20th century, and it’s recently been reasserted as a subtle way to add modesty and sophistication to an outfit. It’s common that three-quarter sleeve dresses are all one color, which allows you to make the look different every time you wear it, depending on how it’s accessorized. Because the sleeves are a unique length, it’s important to balance the rest of your look. Try combining mid-calf boots and bangle bracelets to complete the ensemble.

Polka Dots

Polka dot print was highly popularized during the 50’s, a time when pop art and bold colors set fashion lovers apart. While they were once only found on the shelves of children’s stores, polka dot girls’ dresses are now lauded for being bold and eye-catching. Depending on the size and color scheme, polka dots can be classy and playful. This look recalls a different time and begs for retro hairstyles, shoes, and accessories like hair scarves.

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Dress Neckline And Hairstyles That Go Best With Them

New Year’s is a just a couple of days away. This is the time when you want to look your best. Starting from the top to your toes, your look must complement the entire get up. Generally, women prefer gowns or dresses for parties. In fact, women ooze sexiness, killer attitude and confidence with those elegant party dresses.

However, to look really awesome, you need to work on your overall look and going for the best dress is not enough! The combination of dresses and tresses together brings an undeniably stunning feminine charm. There are a variety of party dresses for women that you can find online. Choose the most desirable one and get a matching hairstyle if you want to turn some heads.

Match Your Hairstyle With A Party Dress Neckline:

– Strapless: A variety of hairstyles go with strapless neckline dresses. But, hair with free falling curls or a messy bun suit the most. Free falling curls are the rage now and they generally bring out the most in strapless party dresses. It directly draws the attention to the collarbone, which looks utterly gorgeous.

– V-neckline: A V-neckline dress gives you a slender and elongated look. You can prefer loose curls with a side part that draws attention to your shoulders and beauty bones. You can also twist the hair back with the help of a pin.

– Off the shoulder: Off the shoulder dresses are classy and elegant. It matches a tight and high bun that shows off your beautiful shoulders. A side swept hairstyle also adds a sophisticated polish to the neckline.

– Halter neck: Add a touch of luxury and style to your party wear wardrobe with this halter neckline dress. Side swept, high sleek braid or full curls give a bolder look with this outfit.

– Boat neckline: A classic chignon or bouffant blends well with boat neckline party dresses. Boat neckline dresses helps elongate your body, if a matching hairstyle is followed.

– High collared: High collared dresses offers a gentle and truly elegant look. A slicked chignon, a messy high bun or a tight ponytail helps make your neckline the center of attraction.

– One shoulder: A side swept hairdo or a ponytail can be perfect for a one shoulder dress. Apart from this, hairstyles like the bob, chignon, bun and side sweeping curls, offer a more elegant look.

– Round or square: Get a flattering style and show off your shoulders with round or square dresses. Keep your hair away from falling on your face with the help of pins or clips. Free flowing curls can give you an exotic look.

Make sure you choose the best party dresses for women that are available at online stores. There is a lot of variety and you can accordingly select a hairstyle from the tips suggested above. Bring out the best in your dress and stand out from others in the crowd by going for the right hairstyle. Start planning your party wardrobe now with these aforementioned tips and look the best in all your upcoming parties.

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