Buying Wedding Jewelry – What to Consider

It is only natural that on her wedding day that the bride wants every things to be perfect, including her jewelry. Wearing the correct type of wedding jewelry can help to accentuate the bride’s appearance. The wedding jewelry can be elegant, loud, or simple. It is the bride’s personal choice. Before buying your wedding jewelry, there are certain things that you need to think know so you will be a beautiful bride.

Your budget

This is the more important point that you should consider before you go shopping. Knowing your budget will help you narrow your search down and save you time shopping. Wedding jewelry can be expensive so it is best that you have a fixed certain amount to help make the selection easier.

Wedding Gown

When doing your budget it should include not only your jewelry but also your wedding gown and accessories. You should also know what your wedding gown would look like in order to make sure that the jewelry will complement your wedding gown. Most brides like to wear a necklace on their wedding day so to get the right one you need to know what the neckline of your wedding dress will be. For example, if your wedding dress is elaborate or heavy, you might want to consider going with simple jewelry.

Color and fabric

Most wedding gowns are white or off white. When the bride wears pearl or platinum jewelry, it will add a look of sophistication. The jewelry and gown’s fabric should blend well.

Family heirloom jewelry

Many times a bride will not need to buy wedding jewelry because there is heirloom jewelry that previous brides in the family have worn.

Makeup and hairstyle

Once you decided on the wedding gown, you need to consider your makeup and hairstyle. For example, if you have a stylish hairstyle and a dress that is a modern style choose big chandelier earrings. These can add just the sparkle your gown needs.

Your wedding band and stones

The wedding band is an emblem of promise and love between the bride and groom. Choose a design that looks classy and reflects both of your personalities, as they are more eye-catching when they are elegant, yet simple. Every gemstone has a look that is unique, from pearls to diamonds. When adding stones to the band, the engagement ring, or both, decide before hand the look you are trying to craft. There are semi-precious stones that come in different colors for those that have a lesser budget.

Long-term buying

When buying wedding jewelry keep in mind the future and buy jewelry that you can wear later. Do not buy expensive pieces that you are afraid to wear because something could happen to the jewelry.

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Birthstones in Jewelry – What Are the Meanings?

So as not to bore you I will list a few of them and share the information I have found, then in later articles include more. To begin with there are Modern birthstones, Mystical birthstones and Ayurvedic birthstones. AYURVEDIC? (medicine) is the ancient practice of healing, gives you the means of attaining and maintaining your own optimal health and well-being.

January modern birthstone is the garnet, mystical is the emerald and Ayurvedic is garnet
February modern is amethyst, mystical is bloodstone and Ayurvedic is amethyst
March modern is aquamarine, mystical is jade and Ayurvedic is bloodstone
April modern is diamond, mystical is opal and Ayurvedic is diamond

The mystical birthstones are of Tibetan origin and date back over a thousand years and the Ayurvedic birthstone list is from Indian medicine and beliefs dating back to ancient India (1500 BC).

To complicate matters there are also Zodiac birthstones. Just as you would expect the zodiac birthstones are shared within two months like Aquarius os Jan 21 – Feb 18 and it is the garnet. I will leave the zodiac stones for a future article.

I continue on with the Modern birthstone list as it is the official birthstone list from the American National Association of Jewelers and was adopted officially in 1912. This is the list accepted in the USA. Tanzanite was added for December by the American Gem Trade Association in October 2002. The birthstone origin is believed to date back in Biblical times to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

January’s garnet gemstone can be traced back as far as the Bronze Age and other reference as far back as 3100BC when the Egyptians used garnets in their jewelry and carvings. Egyptians said it was the symbol of life. Garnets were also popular with the Romans in the 3rd and 4th Century. The word garnet comes from the 14th century middle English word garnet meaning dark red. The word is derived from a Latin word that means seed.

Garnet is the name of a group of minerals that comes in a rainbow of colors from deep red to vibrant green. There are some rare garnets in blue, colorless or most rare change colors in different lights. The most common color is the range of reds from rust to deep violet red. Legend has it that the garnet can bring peace, prosperity and good heath to the home.

For February the amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz. The ancient Greeks and Romans use it to ward of the powers of evil and was said to keep the wearer clear headed and quick witted. Amethyst has been found back as early as 2000 BC. This stone was often favored by royalty or exclusively by the clergy as a symbol for the deity of Christ. For many years it was held in the same regard as diamonds.

Aquamarine the stone for March is derived from the Latin aqua meaning water and marina meaning the sea. The color is serene and invokes tranquility. This stone is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries. This gem was believed to protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage. The serene blue, blue-green color is said to cool the temper and allows the wearer to remain clam and levelheaded.

In the Middle ages the belief was that just wearing aquamarine was an antidote to poisoning. Some believed giving this stone to the bride at a wedding in order to symbolize long unity and love. The Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews admired this stone and the warriors would wear it into battle to bring victory.

For those lucky to be born in April the diamond is their birthstone. Historically the diamond was first popular in India when the Moghuls and Imperial Colony mined diamonds from deposits along three major rivers. Diamonds are formed well below the earth’s crust, then forced upward until it is uncovered. Before this process was understood many ancient civilizations believed diamonds were lighting made real on earth. Because of this many thought the diamond could cure brain disease, alleviate pituitary gland disorders and draw toxins from the blood.

A diamond is made of only one element – carbon. It’s structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature and can only be cut with another diamond! Diamonds come in several colors including red, pink, blue, green and yellow. The more saturated the color the higher the value. Color is sometimes introduced in a laboratory. These are correctly called color-treated diamonds.

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Fashion Jewelry and the Secrets You Should Know

For most ladies, wearing Fashion Jewelry is a simple approach to attempt new looks or to liven into your current closet. Keeping your adornments looking great will keep you look awesome as well. Fashion jewelry, otherwise called costume jewelry is usually produced using less costly materials and enhanced with glass, plastic or engineered stones. Not at all like beautiful gems that can be revamped to like new condition, a thing of fashion adornments that falls into a state of deterioration can’t be reestablished.

How to keep it clean and sustainable?

Investing significant time once per month to look after your fashion embellishments will keep it in excellent condition. Permanently wipe with a delicate cotton fabric to evacuate any surface tidy. Utilize a new sensitive toothbrush to leave any clean or flotsam and jetsam that may cover up in the fissure or fastens, keep in mind to check between dabs if your thing has them. At that point, utilize the material to clean the surfaces. This might be all you have to do to keep your frill fit as a fiddle.

Things to know about it

You can likewise build the lifespan of your fashion gems closet by recognizing what to stay away from. Maintain a strategic distance from alkali, vinegar, corrosive and liquor as these will erode your adornments rapidly to a non-repairable condition. Some more common substances to avoid your gems are scent, hairspray, and salve as they can without much of a stretch adjust the complete of your fashion gems. A decent general guideline is to put on your adornments after you prepare yourself in the morning and after that evacuate it when you return home. If you rehearse this you can without much of a stretch keep presentation to substances, for example, these to a base.

To keep fashion rings in excellent condition dependably expel them before washing your hands or potentially applying hand cream. Bear in mind that dampness can bring about rust or pits to the frame on your gems so recollect never to wear fashion adornments amid a shower or shower or while swimming.

Untold facts about it

If your thing is all the more severely dirtied, utilize mellow dish cleanser and a delicate wipe or material to clean it tenderly. Attempt to abstain from submerging your gems entirely. Dampness can bring about rust or pits to shape so the less dampness your adornments is presented to the better. Abstain from utilizing ultrasonic cleaners with your fashion gems as they are excessively unforgiving. Make certain to dry well with a delicate fabric and touch up your piece by tenderly cleaning with sensitive material.

There are additionally adornments cleaners accessible for ensemble gems. If you utilize these, make certain that they mainly express that they are for use on fashion gems. Fashion adornments can’t withstand a portion of the chemicals used to clean fine gems so ensure you recognize what your cleaner is made of before utilize. For whatever length of time that you take after the headings given by the producer you will have the capacity to clean your things without trouble.

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