Bridal Gown Trends for 2016

Brides this year are in for a treat and if you are in the process of planning your wedding and are about to head out bridal gown shopping, then there are some trends you may want to be aware of.

Every year we see trends change. Some years we see more elegance and sleek designs, other years the designs go overboard, many provide a timeless elegance for everyone to enjoy for years to come, which is why bridal gown shopping is so much fun. For the bride, she gets to try on many gowns, sometimes ones she never dreamed would suit her, only to find the perfect match to her body shape, style, theme and more.

One of the latest bridal gown trends which is being seen on catwalks and on brides making their way down the aisle this year is the plunged neckline. Showing off some skin with beautiful necklines is very in this season and it is becoming more popular with designers who are focusing on bridal gowns that make a statement and offer elegance and sophistication to brides on their special day.

Strangely enough, the other trend you will find when looking for the latest bridal gown trends for 2016 is feathers. Yes you did read that correctly. Ostrich feathers in particular are a firm favorite with designers this year as they use them to create flowing downs with texture and finesse. The feathers are used mostly in the lower bodice of the gown to make a statement and create that extravagant finish. There are a few designs which have incorporated the feathers into the waist of the dress in a tone that blends in with the dress to perfection.

Florals are very hot this season and one of the favored bridal gown trends. The florals are not bright flowers, but rather delicate embroideries that make a statement and provide the perfect finishing touch to the gown. When it comes to florals they don’t have to stand out, they simply add the finishing touch, gently caressing the gown and giving it that design finish that makes the gown your top choice for your special day.

Another bridal gown trend which appears very popular this way is moving away from brilliant white gowns and using a light silver instead. So many brides use creams, light pinks and even blues for their gowns, but silver isn’t a choice that has made headlines up to now. Very light silver in the right fabric can really create a spectacular dress which you can wear with complete confidence. Combine the light silver fabric with an overlay of white embroidery flowers and you have the perfect partnership to create a gown that will make a statement as you walk down the aisle.

Lace remains a top choice for bridal gowns in 2016 and with no surprise. Embroidery, lace and beads have always been top choices with bridal gown designers, including Watters, who uses lace to create elegance, beauty and sophistication to each gown designed. Lace can be worked into most designs. Often it is the perfect choice if you are having an evening wedding, providing lace sleeves for a gown is beautiful and sophisticated and really makes a statement.

Chiffon is the other material of choice this year and it is being seen more and more in gowns which have been designed to look sleek and sophisticated. At the same time strapless designs have definitely taken center stage this year and are making brides look spectacular on their special day.

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