Pearl Colors Explained

Think of any color under the sun – anything. There is probably somewhere in that color. The palette of pearl colors can range from the most commonly white, to pink, blue, black, purple, green, and golden, to just about any shade in between.

The primary shade is determined by the body of the pearl, but there are two other effects you should be aware of: overtone and the orient effect.

Body Color, Overtone, and the Orient Effect

The body color will either have cool or warm hues. Cool shades will include green and purple while warm tones include colors such as red and yellow.

The overtone refers to the color on the surface of the pearl. The overtone usually appears to be floating on the surface and comes in a variety of colors.

The orient effect refers to iridescent colors that seem to change and swirl as it moves or if the light changes. This effect is caused by light reflecting through the various layers of nacre a pearl is made of.

The most common have a white body with a cream-colored overtone. Two pearls with the same body color but different overtones will look different from each other. Similarly, if these have the same overtone but different body colors, they won’t look the same.

How Pearl Colors Are Determined

The type of mollusk this was formed in determines the color of a pearl’s body. Other factors include the water and the initial nucleus or core. Usually, certain types of oysters produce particular pearl colors.

The color has no real impact on the quality of the pearl, but design tastes and color trends do affect the perceived beauty. For this reason, pearl sellers may artificially color a pearl to fit in with trends, so make sure you know where the pears come from and whether its colors are natural or not before you buy.

The most common artificially colored are black freshwater or Akoya pearls, and dark golden South Sea pearls.

Here are a few tips to establish whether these were artificially colored or not:

Freshwater or Akoya never come naturally in black or silver, so all peacock, black, or silver colored freshwater or Akoya pearls are dyed.

Most natural South Sea Golden Pearls or Edison Golden Pearls are a creamy gold or we call “champagne” color, not dark golden. Natural metallic dark golden south sea theses are so rare, and they are available usually in auction houses. You may see in lots of stores including ours, or a TV commercial or jewelry store advertising a dark golden pearl with a metallic shine. Those are most probably dyed for a more prominent golden shine.

Saltwater Pearls

Akoya cultured pearls are grown in Chinese and Japanese waters. Their natural colors usually are white or cream colored. In the South Sea, these are produced in Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Their colors vary from natural white, cream, or golden. Tahitian pearls are grown in the islands of French Polynesia, which of course include Tahiti. The most expensive natural color are the metallic dark gold color south sea pearls, and the most common natural color is the famous black Tahitian color. Tahiti also produces in gray, green, blue, and purple colors. The only natural black color is Tahitian pearls.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are grown in rivers, lakes, and ponds. They are predominantly produced in China. Freshwater colors come in a wide variety of pastel colors such as peach, pink, purple, bronze, champagne, as well as white. Lots of freshwater pearls are dyed into green, silver, black, or dark gold color to meet the jewelry market needs.

How New Technology Affects Colors

As technology evolves, new natural colors are introduced to the pearl industry from time to time. The most recent introduction was Edison pearls, which, apart from white, comes in an array of colors such as pink, gold, peach, metallic bronze, pink purple and aubergine-purple – colors that previously could only be found in natural saltwater pearls.

Which Color Should You Choose?

When shopping for jewelry, take your skin tone or the skin tone of the person you’re buying it for into account. Hold these against the skin to see what works, and what doesn’t. Usually rose colored pearls go well with fair skin, while silver overtones usually complement a darker skin.

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Emerging Trends Every Woman Should Know About Handbags

Bags can either make or break an outfit. Gals who are into bags know this fact and are very much careful in picking up the bag that could suit their outfits. If you are someone who is greatly into fashion, you probably have the feeling of lusting over gorgeous trends of bags. People, particularly women, always look for something fresh that will complete their wardrobe. It’s a constantly emerging trend each year. And this is what women look forward to. As the year starts, new designs of handbags and purses will definitely entice the craving eyes of fashionistas.

Clutch Handbag

It’s the hottest shape of the year. Grab one for your own. With this vintage and retro-looking handbag, you will definitely sport a flair for an antique style. A clutch handbag is perfect for ladies on the go. Many businesswomen like it because they can just take it anywhere they go. This small cute thing is actually big enough to hold your things.

Patent Handbag

It’s a chic handbag for everyday use. Whether you would like to go on a formal meeting or spend a night out with your friends, this patent handbag goes perfectly with any occasion; smooth or funk.

Mini Handbag

You were drowned by last year’s huge bags. Now is the time to go mini. Get the basics, put them inside your mini handbag and you are ready to go!

Metallic Handbag

With its luster, no wonder it’s been coming back the trend. Just pick some fabulous color and have a refreshing look on the metallic trend that’s been a part of the past.

Convertible Handbag

Hang it across your body or over your shoulder or use it in a handbag mode, it doesn’t matter. This gives the lady the always prepared effect. Convert it, pull the strap longer and you are on the go mode. Convert it and pull the straps shorter and you are now in the chic mode.

Pocket Handbag

Women are fond of small things in nature; wallet, coin purse, key chain, mobile phone, organizer and others. But the thing is women are also forgetful in nature. Thus a pocket handbag is perfect for these women. With lots of pockets in it, all your small things have a space without giving you the hardship of looking for them inside your bag.

White Handbag

With all the different colors that go along with the trend, white stands out. Nothing feels fresher than carrying with you a clean white handbag. It’s trendy and refreshing.

Oversized bags

The trend changes very often. However, there are always some that do not go with the change. Still, some shapes and size remain every season and oversized handbags are one of them. Nothing beats a bag that carries everything you need. It is perfect for those who love to work and those who are always on the go. Put some pieces of your shirt, towel, personal hygiene necessities, cosmetics and even one extra pair of shoes and you are ready to go.

Remember that a handbag is a big part of one’s outfit. It should fit your body type. Being in the trend is a plus but check if it’s right for you. Don’t be shy to try on these handbags at the store. Check if it looks good on you and if it feels comfortable wearing it. If not, don’t hesitate to try another one. Do not forget that bags can actually flatter your looks as much as a pair of jeans does. Moreover, bags do not ruin your looks. So put some sense of style and taste when picking a bag of your choice.

You already know the hottest handbags of the year, now is the time to check your wardrobe. Do you have them? If you do, check if the color goes with the trend, take them out and give some refreshing look on them. But of course, fresh is fresh and fresh is new and be fresh by checking out some of the hottest bags this year. You worked hard last year and it wouldn’t harm you to reward yourself at the start of the year with some of what a woman like you fancy most – and if you know someone who is a bag lady, perhaps your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, make her happy by giving her one the hottest bags this year. It will surely paint a smile on her face.
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Fashion Jewelry and the Secrets You Should Know

For most ladies, wearing Fashion Jewelry is a simple approach to attempt new looks or to liven into your current closet. Keeping your adornments looking great will keep you look awesome as well. Fashion jewelry, otherwise called costume jewelry is usually produced using less costly materials and enhanced with glass, plastic or engineered stones. Not at all like beautiful gems that can be revamped to like new condition, a thing of fashion adornments that falls into a state of deterioration can’t be reestablished.

How to keep it clean and sustainable?

Investing significant time once per month to look after your fashion embellishments will keep it in excellent condition. Permanently wipe with a delicate cotton fabric to evacuate any surface tidy. Utilize a new sensitive toothbrush to leave any clean or flotsam and jetsam that may cover up in the fissure or fastens, keep in mind to check between dabs if your thing has them. At that point, utilize the material to clean the surfaces. This might be all you have to do to keep your frill fit as a fiddle.

Things to know about it

You can likewise build the lifespan of your fashion gems closet by recognizing what to stay away from. Maintain a strategic distance from alkali, vinegar, corrosive and liquor as these will erode your adornments rapidly to a non-repairable condition. Some more common substances to avoid your gems are scent, hairspray, and salve as they can without much of a stretch adjust the complete of your fashion gems. A decent general guideline is to put on your adornments after you prepare yourself in the morning and after that evacuate it when you return home. If you rehearse this you can without much of a stretch keep presentation to substances, for example, these to a base.

To keep fashion rings in excellent condition dependably expel them before washing your hands or potentially applying hand cream. Bear in mind that dampness can bring about rust or pits to the frame on your gems so recollect never to wear fashion adornments amid a shower or shower or while swimming.

Untold facts about it

If your thing is all the more severely dirtied, utilize mellow dish cleanser and a delicate wipe or material to clean it tenderly. Attempt to abstain from submerging your gems entirely. Dampness can bring about rust or pits to shape so the less dampness your adornments is presented to the better. Abstain from utilizing ultrasonic cleaners with your fashion gems as they are excessively unforgiving. Make certain to dry well with a delicate fabric and touch up your piece by tenderly cleaning with sensitive material.

There are additionally adornments cleaners accessible for ensemble gems. If you utilize these, make certain that they mainly express that they are for use on fashion gems. Fashion adornments can’t withstand a portion of the chemicals used to clean fine gems so ensure you recognize what your cleaner is made of before utilize. For whatever length of time that you take after the headings given by the producer you will have the capacity to clean your things without trouble.

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How to Choose the Best Casual Dress Shoes for Men

The casual style: that never fails

The great advantage of the current fashion is that it allows a freedom that has never before been seen when choosing the most appropriate to your personality and style places we usually frequent. There are many options and combinations that can be given are virtually endless. In this situation, we can come to feel a bit disoriented. But if there is doubt, always we will have a style that although the year’s pass remains valid. We’re talking about casual style.

It is worth mentioning that the Casual Dress Shoes for Men are often an excellent choice for everyday life or for work, provided that there is no formal dress code as that of which must follow certain professionals or if you plan to attend a specific event. Fortunately, more and more companies have understood that worker comfort helps to get better returns; also it has become aware that formality is not the only alternative to looking presentable because a casual look well maintained can be synonymous with elegance.

A quick definition of casual style:

There is a fundamental rule to achieve casual style: mix an equal degree of informality and comfort with elegance. Because obviously, if only it were to be comfortable, we would go out to the street running shoes, pants or shorts and a T-shirt of our favorite sports team, but that does not mean under any circumstances that have adopted a casual style.

Comfort is also a synonym for functionality. We said at the beginning that the casual style is useful for everyday activities such as informal events with family and friends, and of course for work. And this style should allow us to develop ourselves freely and even walking, an activity that is usually necessary if we are to time in the huge Mexican cities. Therefore, the excellent quality casual dress shoes for Men are the best choice for the comfortable ride wherever we go.

The options:

Shoelace shoe: Leather shoes do not necessarily have to be that we should use formal shoes with a suit or dress pants. On the other hand, they are suede shoes, in this 2016 is the material of choice for casual men ‘s shoes. Both options can be part of a casual style when combined with this same style pants and even jeans. We do not recommend a bit tighter pants straight cut but one, because this kind of shoes are less bulky than other styles and to show off more slender legs is recommended that the cut pants fit better shape.

Moccasins: This summer is also witnessing the unusual force that has claimed the use of moccasins. Even those men who swore they would never leave their shoe shoelace are now opting for this elegant and comfortable choice. Also available in leather and suede manifest them as the best choice to wear a classic casual style. A good pair of loafers should not miss in your wardrobe; We recommend a light colored and one dark. And not to fail, it is worth having some blue loafers, favorites for this year.

The Types Of Bags That Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Truth be told, every woman only needs six bags to get through life. There’s no sense in not keeping it minimal! Here are the recommended bags so that anyone can get organized and evaluate their stash. This will help keep one handbag for each and every occasion.

Structured Day Tote – This handbag is so versatile that it’s a must for every wardrobe. Being structured it can function as a go to work bag, and still keep that professional look.

Quirky Handbag – By quirky, we mean out-of-the norm. Something with a fun shape like lips or a triangle. It will set the wearer apart from the crowd and is perfect for going out to eat with a group of friends, to a concert, or an art show. It’s that one that shows her personality with ease. Everyone needs that handbag!

Color block – A color block handbag is perfect because sometimes one will have an outfit that they just don’t know which will go with it. The color block will almost always work, relieving the stress of having to choose, especially when she’s in a hurry!

Just for fun – We all know this handbag, it’s the one that speaks to us as we walk past the display window. It says, “Look at me, I am unique and made just for you!” Well it’s okay to get just ONE bag for fun, but it should be able to go anywhere and be utterly versatile. That’s the only requirements here!

Hobo bag – The Hobo handbag is for a person’s “day off.” This slouchy comfortable bag can handle anything one may need for a day of adventure. Just pack it all in there and still look chic no matter where the adventure leads.
Clutch – The clutch is an essential handbag for formal events. Let’s face it, there will probably be at least one wedding each summer that one is invited to. Then there are anniversaries and special nights out. The clutch will be there waiting for those moments.

With all these handbags, it’s important to choose neutral colors, aside from the “Just for Fun” handbag. This way they will go with virtually any outfit. Colors like black, brown, navy and camel are great choices and it’s a good idea to not choose the same for each.

Aside from type of bag and color there are other rules about how the bag should fit, size and more. Some of these factors are dependent upon the wearer’s body type. There are plenty of guides online that can help guide one to the right choice. Honestly, the staff in whatever store one is purchasing from should know and be willing to help.

Remember, a handbag is an investment piece. The old adage is true that one gets what they pay for. To have these bags stand the test of time and allow for future use it’s smart to go with brand names and not worry about pinching pennies. Otherwise, the extensive replacements will have the wearer back to step one, where they have a myriad of handbags just sitting in the closet – broken, worn and unusable.

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Creative Ways To Wear A White Dress For Summer Season

It is the perfect time to walk outside the house during the summer season. There are many kinds of outdoor activities to do such as swimming, walking on the beach, shopping or even eating burger with family and friends. If you want to stay fresh in this season, a white dress is the perfect outfit to wear. The temperature rises significantly. A comfortable white dress will save you from the extensive heat. It should be made of the breathable fabric which keeps the body cool. Some women think that a white dress is too plain to wear in this bright season. It is not true if you can make it work.

Edgy Summer Look

The summer styled outfit does not have to look feminine all of the time. The appearance will be edgy and modern if you put on a plain white dress and a black leather jacket. The footwear should be simple and comfortable. The black gladiator sandals are nice to wear. If you like to do some outdoor activities like window shopping at the malls or market, complement the look with mirrored sunglasses. You will look cool and stylish. If you are afraid of developing boring look, consider wearing bold accessories. For example, complement it with a turquoise choker necklace or hot pink bracelets.

Sporty Summer Look

Couple the chic white dress with trendy sneakers. This effortless style makes you look casual and chic. Sport it for a weekend party with friends. When the evening comes and you feel cold, wear a ripped denim jacket decorated with silver studs. If you have a lot of personal items to take to the party, bring a practical cross body bag.

Polished Summer Look

Create a fashionable contrast on the white dress with a tailored black blazer. It looks attractive for a semi-formal evening occasion. Wear it when you want to have a date with your boyfriend. Match the look with cat eye sunglasses and soft pink floral printed strap wedges. For the finishing touch, grab a casual pink leather clutch.

Monochromatic Summer Look

If you are not interested to play with different kinds of colors, stay monochromatic with a little white dress. The accessories like handbag, sandals, sunglasses and bracelet should be in grey, white or black. Banish the monotonous quality with a unique pattern. For instance, sport a white bandana on the flowing hair and carry a black and white striped purse.

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How to Love Your Leather

Leather is one of those fashion items that becomes part of you. If you invest in a special piece – maybe a beautiful bag or a really sleek wallet – it really can last a lifetime. But if you totally neglect your much-loved wallet it may not last the distance.

The flipside is – you have to be practical. I mean who has time for buffing and polishing and preserving every item of leather you own. Let’s not get ridiculous! So we’ve done the research for you to come up with some hot tips on practical ways you can love your leather.

1. Know your leather. Is it finished or unfinished? Finished leather generally is flat in colour and is harder, colder and stiffer to touch than unfinished leather which is soft and warm to touch and more likely to be a rich colour.

2. Decide what kind of leather lover you want to be. One of the great things about leather is that it develops a life-story of it’s own over time. If you’re happy with a bit of change, some well-developed wrinkle lines and creases. Then you don’t really need to stress! But if you want to preserve your leather so it looks like new forever then you will need to work a bit harder.

3. Dry leather SLOWLY! If your bag or wallet cops some rain exposure or is splashes with a wayward beverage, don’t take to it with a hairdryer! Leather can warp or shrink if exposed to too much heat too quickly. Instead, give it a quick wipe. Room temperature and gentle air flow is always best for drying!

4. For cleaning, change tactics for the type of leather you’re treating. Finished leather can simply be wiped with a soft, damp cloth which unfinished leather (like suede) should be brushed with a soft brush.

5. If your leather product gets too dry and begins to crack – you might need to condition it. Finding a suitable leather condition can be tricky! There are a range of different products you can test but we love the leather care beewax dubbin by Gundara.

6. Finally be KIND to your leather. If you treat your leather right it will be by your side for life. So that means, don’t stuff your wallet full to overflowing so the leather stretches out of shape. Because it will NEVER go back to it’s original shape. And don’t pile things on top of it or let it get wet or sweaty. JUST BE NICE!

Head over to the Wanderlust People store to check out some of the beautiful Fairtrade leather. We have everything from handbags and wallets to iPad covers and travel wallets.

Choosing The Best One-Piece Swimsuit

Swim wear can be a headache for most women, especially considering how revealing the options can be and how conscious women are about their bodies. Bikinis tend to be more popular because of how sexy and flattering they are. However, one piece swimsuits make better choices for the most conservative women who prefer better coverage.

One piece swimsuits are great for those who love wakeboarding because they do not have the risk of coming off like the bikinis do. The swimsuits are also quite fashionable and they give you an easy time dressing for a different event such as a dinner date after you enjoy the beach. They are however not as flattering as the bikini counterparts and you should have this in mind. But just like choosing any other garment, you must think about the swimsuit style so you are able to choose the one piece that does your body justice. You can use your body goal to select the swimsuit.

Maximize bust line – If your appearance goal when choosing the one-piece swimsuit is to maximize your bust line, then a low cut neckline or a suit that has a padded bra area will work best for the slightly curvy figure. Women who are more flat chested can settle for suits that have smocking or ruffles around the chest area.

Minimize bust line – If you are more endowed around the bust and you want to minimize your bust line, then you are better off sticking to dark solid colors on the upper part of the swimsuit. High necklines will also have a similar play down effect on the chest area. For maximum comfort, make sure that you swimsuit has supportive fabric, are stretchy and at least have under wires for that extra bust support.

Minimize bottom and belly – Remember that a swimsuit shows your natural curves more and if you want to look balanced then you must choose the most suitable style. If you are heavier on the bottom and around the belly, solid dark colored suits on the lower part are best in playing it down. You can also opt for the one-piece swimsuits that come complete with a skirt to cover the bottom but at the same time being careful with color and cut because some can actually attract attention to this area.

Lengthen legs and torso – People are created different and if you are among women who naturally have shorter looking torsos and would like to make a considerable change, you should look for vertical thin striped swimsuits. Leg opening that is high cut also works great in lengthening the legs.

Define waist – The best swimsuits for this goal are those that have a darker color around the waist and light on other areas. The same type of swimsuit will also prove helpful for women with rounded shaped and boyish shapes and want to define their waistlines.

Your body size should not hinder you from having some fun on the beach because there are swimsuits available for all body types and sizes. Larger women should settle for suits with fabrics that are heavier and more textured and keep off large prints; smaller repeat designs or solid colors work best for the plus size women.

One piece swimsuit can be very comfortable and convenient for many women. With so many styles and colors, it is not as hard to find a suit that works best for a given body type and size.

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Enhance Your Summer Look With These Style Tips

As we head into summer, it’s important to find accessories that show off your style, while brightening up your wardrobe. Since summer brings an explosion of bold colors and vibrant patterns, this season’s trends are no different.

So pack away your dreary duds, your winter boots and clean out that closet to get yourself ready for some fun in the sun.
Unsure of where to start? The following summer accessories are a must:

* Slip into a dress. A slip dress is a simple, elegant base layer that can be dressed up with accessories and is a trend worth paying attention to. To get a high-fashion look, layer them with frilly undershirts and jumpers.

* Fancy your footwear. If you’re anything like Carrie Bradshaw, the best way to dress up an outfit is with a pair of wedge sandals. The right pair of wedges can glam up your look, make your legs look long, yet still allow you to move comfortably. If, however, you prefer shoes with little to no heel, you’ll be happy to know that flat-flats are in (think ballet slippers and gladiator sandals.)

* Go glam with glasses. Choosing eyewear that’s not only stylish but functional can be difficult. Transitions lenses are great because they block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and are available in nearly all prescriptions. They also come in a variety of colors that complement your personal style and frame choice. With one pair of lenses, your eyes will feel comfortable indoors or out, in bright light, low light and everything in between.

* Choose a hat. As important as it is to get some natural vitamin D, too much sun is bad for the skin. A floppy hat is a great accessory that lets you flaunt a style that fits your personality, get a little sun, but still protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

* Grab a bag. A statement bag is the perfect way to enhance your look. When choosing the right purse for your outfit, think luxe fabrics, contrasting textures, and bright patterns. Pair with a great pair of glasses to pull off a celebrity look.

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Ways to Wear White This Summer

Brighten your summer with pieces of white from your wardrobe. It is always a must to wear white during this season; it helps stand the hot weather, it shows your tan better, your makeup looks much more attractive, and you can never be out of style with white! It is a fresh color, especially when you wear it in full, as in from head to toe. You can also choose to include one or two white items; it is up to your taste.

Take white to new heights in your outfits this summer with these latest fashion news, tips and trends…

White Skirt: Put away your pencil skirt in favor of a skirt that is full and white. Pair it with a skinny neutral belt and loose tank blouse.

White Cutout Dress: Wear white cutout dress with high heels in to look formal, elegant and match the summer’s latest fashion trend.

White Jeans with ivory shirt: The ivory shirt will stand out next to white jeans. They are perfect for a fancy and chic off-duty look.

White loose pants with a buttoned shirt: They come with a laid-back vibe, perfect for any journey you have during the day.

Monochrome Ensemble: Mix different colors of white in one outfit, like a creamy blouse with really white jeans and sneakers. You don’t need to be a bride or going to the beach to get all white.

Lady-like shoes: It is absolutely gorgeous to wear these shoes with dresses in the same white color. A cocktail frock will give you a sweet look.

Tailored white pieces with contrasting accents: A white shirt with black buttons, a black belt and black shoes, next to white pants… This trending fashion style makes an awesome combination.

Layers of white: Don’t think it’s too much to wear all white, from head to toe. Choose white hair accessories, shoes, bag, shirt and skirt. Wow!

Long Evening Dresses: Just as simple as that! You don’t need to be over accessorized to look elegant at night. Choose a long white dress stripped of extras.

Sheer and see-through: It’s a yes. Whether you are wearing shorts, a dress, a skirt… choose them with sheer that fits all styles.

Add Metallic: Turn a casual outfit into something party worthy with shades of metallic. Silver and white are perfect together.

Follow these fashion style and ideas this summer for a more comfortable look.

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